How to Have the Perfect At-Home Food Pairings

Life has changed dramatically in the face of COVID-19; with so many people staying home, life seems to have come to a standstill, which can be nerve-wracking.

However, staying connected with others is easier than you think. Video conferencing provides an opportunity to see others, and now’s the perfect time to try making your own kettlecorn, if you’ve ever wondered if you could.

Some things are a little harder to simulate, but they aren’t impossible. For example, if you enjoy going to different food pairings, you can still hold your own virtual version of one with your friends or family.

There are a few things you need to decide to get started, though:

Pick a Food

Depending on your flavor profile or how adventurous you’d like to be, start with a base food you’d like to pair. It can be as simple as a meal you’re planning on making, but that’s only one option for food pairings you can have.

For example, rather than pairing lamb with wine, why not pick a sourdough bread with different kinds of cheeses? Even popcorn can serve as a great base to play with on your palate.

Pick Another

Picking another food to pair with really doesn’t have one “right” boundary. You can have beef with white wine, peanut butter with your burger, or any variety of candy with your popcorn, and no one needs to know!

The thing to keep in mind here is that you should feel comfortable stepping out of your comfort zone. In the case of popcorn, for example, it’s perfectly reasonable to wonder if chocolate caramel candies would make the perfect pairing with your popcorn, and you can try it if you want to. No matter if you end up liking it or not, you don’t have to worry about being caught by a crowd of observers.

Try Different Combinations

When you’re home, you have all the time in the world to play with the foods you’re pairing. You can stop at two foods – popcorn and cayenne, beef and port, spaghetti, and cider – or get even more creative by pairing your flavored popcorn with your favorite cider peanut butter burger with a glass of choice wine.Whether you’re alone or on a video call with your loved ones while doing it, food pairings can be a great way to enjoy the simple things while staying at home and maintaining a sense of normalcy. To find out what kinds of combinations the Best Darn Kettlecorn team are enjoying, or to buy chocolate popcorn for your next pairing, give us a call today!