What Can You Do With Cheese Popcorn?

Cheese popcorn lovers know that it’s a treat that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere, all on its own. However, you may not know that cheese popcorn is so versatile that it can be used in a lot of creative ways. Whether it’s cooking it into a savory recipe or teaching children some fundamental principles of math and science, there are very few limits on how cheese popcorn can be enjoyed.

If you wanted to get creative with your cheese popcorn, here are a few easy ways of doing so:

Get Cooking

Most people don’t think of popcorn as an ingredient in other recipes; they assume that it’s a standalone dish, or needs to be sweet to be used in treats like cornballs.

However, you can use cheese popcorn in more than just a modified version of trail mix. Since it’s a savory snack covered in cheese, you can use cheese popcorn in your salads to offer a bit more flavor to your lunch.

Alternatively, cheese popcorn can be used as part of the hors d’oeuvres you serve at your next party if you pair it with a bit of pepperoni and a little seasoning, depending on your taste. Doing that will offer something savory for your guests to munch on while they wait for dinner.

Plan a Little Learning

If you have children or have friends or relatives who do that you regularly spend time with, cheese popcorn can be a great way of entertaining while giving them easy ways to learn fundamental ideas about how the world works. Since popcorn can easily be counted piece by piece or paired together, it can help illustrate concepts like counting to younger children or scarcity in older children.

Teaching counting is pretty straightforward: you can show how different groupings change by adding and subtracting – or eating, as the case may be – kernels.

Using cheese popcorn to teach cooperation and scarcity can be done only if you’re looking after a group of kids. Give each child a bag of cheese popcorn as an example of money and line up a few items for them to spend that “money” on that each of the kids is likely to want, like small toys. Hold an auction for the toys, and after the sale is over, discuss what they thought of the activity.

Play With It

Just because cheese popcorn can be a useful tool to teach scarcity to children doesn’t mean it can’t make a great addition to adult game night as well. For example, you can use cheese popcorn in place of chips in poker, or as a bonus to Bingo. Since it’s such a versatile snack, you should let your imagination take you where it will when thinking about how to integrate a few kernels into board game night.

If you have a lot of cheese popcorn and need more ideas about how to use it, or are interested in buying kettlecorn gifts for special occasions, give Best Darn Kettlecorn a call today!