For more than a decade, Best Darn Kettlecorn has provided the very best premium gourmet kettlecorn that Pennsylvania has to offer. Based in historic Bristol, PA, we have continued to offer Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware our original gourmet kettlecorn, as well as dozens of flavored popcorn options since 2004. Now, people from all across the country can enjoy our tasty treats.

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Premium Gourmet Kettlecorn

Over the years, Best Darn Kettlecorn has grown immensely, but our recipe remains unchanged. By combining the perfect balance of salty and sweet, our original gourmet kettlecorn has become the staple of our business, serving as a fan favorite locally in Bristol as well as across Pennsylvania and beyond.

Light, fluffy, and perfectly popped, this isn’t your typical kettlecorn. Our process is meticulously designed to always result in the best quality popcorn around. Made with nut-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free ingredients, we aim to create something to be enjoyed by everyone. In addition to our original recipe gourmet kettlecorn, we also provide sugar-free kettlecorn for those with dietary restrictions who want to enjoy this classic treat. No matter what variety of original gourmet kettlecorn you’re looking for, you’re sure to be thrilled with everything Best Darn Kettlecorn has to offer.

Multiple Packaging Options

Whether you purchase from Best Darn Kettlecorn as a way of giving the perfect edible gift for the holidays, providing tasty treats for the employees at your business, or just keeping a late-night snack around the house, we’ve got you covered. Offering a variety of quantities and packaging options, Best Darn Kettlecorn can get you as little or as much delicious gourmet popcorn as you need. Options for original gourmet kettlecorn include:


For the perfect snack to keep around the house, purchase our original gourmet kettlecorn by the bag. We offer options for 2-bag and 4-bag orders, allowing you to share as much (or as little) as you want. These 8 oz bags are perfect for party snacks, movie night, or any other occasion. Just keep in mind that with such an amazing combination of salty and sweet, you may not want to share!

Gourmet Popcorn Tins

In addition to bags, Best Darn Kettlecorn offers gourmet tins filled with our original kettlecorn. We have 2, 3.5, or 6.5-gallon tins to accommodate any and all popcorn needs. These tins are available in a festive red color, making them a perfect gift for any occasion.

Best Darn Care Pack

New to our array of popcorn options, our Best Darn Care Pack offers four bags of our original kettlecorn and three gourmet tubs with the flavor of your choice. This unbelievable deal gives you 10 lbs of popcorn for just 45 dollars!

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Since our inception in 2004, Best Darn Kettlecorn has provided Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware with the best gourmet kettlecorn that money can buy. Whether you are seeking the traditional sweet and salty kettlecorn that made our name synonymous with quality or you want to branch out with something from our enormous list of flavored popcorn, you’ll find just the right treat at Best Darn Kettlecorn.