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Here at Best Darn Kettlecorn, we pride ourselves on making our kettlecorn, as well as all of our other gourmet popcorn flavors, with the highest quality ingredients and the perfect ratio of salty to sweet. We are a local business based in Bristol, PA that has been dedicated to serving our community since 2004.

Our original gourmet kettlecorn is always made fresh with nut-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free ingredients, making our incredible popcorn available to those with certain dietary restrictions. We offer flavors that satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. There are options for those that like to keep it simple; or, if you’re a little on the wild side, we have an ever-expanding array of bold flavors to match. We’ve combined sweet snacks with salty treats and spicy foods with cool dressings. Whether you are a chocoholic, a lover of savory treats, or an old-fashioned salt and butter kind of person, we’ve got just what you’re looking for. Just imagine the reaction your taste buds will have when you’ve experienced this explosion of flavor in your mouth.

What is Kettlecorn?

A lip-smackin’ combination of salty and sweet, kettlecorn is a variety of popcorn made with granulated sugar, salt and oil. Kettlecorn is popped in big iron kettles — thus, its name. It is said that Dutch settlers in Pennsylvania introduced kettlecorn to the American colonies in the 1700s. After a hard day of farming, they would heat leftover corn kernels with lard in large cast iron kettles, followed by adding honey, molasses, or sugar to sweeten their freshly popped treat.

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Though we now use pure corn oil instead of lard, we think the Dutch settlers would be proud of our old-fashioned kettlecorn! Plus, we’ve “gone modern,” too; In addition to our original kettlecorn, you can now buy dozens of mouth-watering gourmet popcorn flavors, including caramel, cheeses, cinnamon, chocolate, and many more!

A Range of Ordering Options

No matter how much of our gourmet kettlecorn you want to buy, we have the quantity to suit your needs. We provide our customers with everything from 1-pound individual bags to 6.5-gallon tubs. We know that with so many flavors to choose from, you may have difficulty narrowing your decision down to just one. For this reason, we offer sampler trays, which are themed popcorn platters that include 5 different flavors per tray.

Additionally, if you’re looking to stock up on our gourmet popcorn, or you’d like to send an incredible care package to your college student or loved one across the miles, consider purchasing our Best Darn Care Pack, which provides you with four bags of our original gourmet kettlecorn as well as 3 tubs with a choice of flavors. This incredible deal gets you 10 pounds of popcorn for just 45 dollars! This and a wide variety of other products are always available through our website. No matter how much you’re looking for, Best Darn Kettlecorn has got you covered.


Got a fundraising idea for your nonprofit organization? Best Darn Kettlecorn wants to help. We offer fundraising options that include each and every one of our amazing gourmet products, making it easy to raise money through the power of popcorn. Check out our Fundraising page for information on how to get started.

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Stay Up To Date

Best Darn Kettlecorn travels to wherever the people want kettlecorn. To stay up-to-date with offers, discounts, and new flavors, or to learn where our Mobile Units might be popping up throughout the area (Philadelphia, Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, Chester County, and New Jersey), like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram and Twitter.
Our snacks make great gifts at any time of the year. Whether you are looking to give gifts for a holiday, or you want to surprise someone and buy them a gourmet flavored popcorn treat, we have just the right option for you!