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Welcome to the Best Darn Kettlecorn Company!

Here at Best Darn Kettlecorn (locate in Bristol, PA), we pride ourselves on making our kettlecorn, as well as all of our other gourmet popcorn flavors, with the highest quality ingredients in just the right ratio.  We offer flavors that should satisfy even the pickiest eaters.  We offer popcorn flavored with brownie batter and popcorn flavored with bacon.  If you like it a little more on the sweet side, just imagine the reaction your taste buds will have when they taste our gourmet sweet and salty Kettlecorn combined with chocolate!  Or if you like a little burn, we offer our gourmet Hot and Spicy popcorn samplers that includes Hot Jalapeno, Buffalo Golden Cheddar, Spicy Nacho, Buffalo Blue Cheese, and Original Kettlecorn.  Try our Game Day Sampler Tray the next time you have your friends over for the game with Honey Mustard, Sour Cream & Onion, Pizza, Garlic Parmesan and Original Kettlecorn.  You can even order a gourmet Kettlecorn holiday gift for your friends and family throughout the year.

Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram and Twitter to keep up to date as to where our Mobile Units might be popping our fresh Best Darn Kettlecorn throughout the area (Philadelphia, Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, Chester County, New Jersey).  We are a local business located in Bristol, PA.  Also check out our fundraiser page if you are looking for a unique flavored fundraiser idea for your non-profit.

So What Is Kettlecorn Anyhow?

A lip-smackin’ combination of salty and sweet, kettlecorn is a variety of popcorn made with granulated sugar, salt and oil. Kettlecorn is popped in big iron kettles, thus its name. It is said that Dutch settlers in Pennsylvania introduced kettlecorn to the American colonies in the 1700s. After a hard day of farming, they would pop corn in lard in large cast iron kettles, and then add honey, molasses or sugar to sweeten their freshly popped treat. Though we now use pure corn oil instead of lard, we think the Dutch settlers would be proud of our old-fashioned kettlecorn! Plus, we’ve “gone modern,” because in addition to our original kettlecorn, we now offer dozens of mouth-watering gourmet flavors including Caramel, cheeses, cinnamon and many more!!  Our snacks make great gifts at any time of the year.  Whether you are looking to provide gifts for a holiday, or just surprise someone with a gourmet flavored popcorn treat, we have just the right option for you!

Remember we also offer gifts for every occasion!

Best Darn Kettlecorn Coupons
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