Perfect Pair – Kettlecorn

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The perfect pair provides approximately 36 cups of our Best Darn Kettlecorn!

2 large bags (8 oz. each) of our gourmet sweet and salty Best Darn Kettlecorn.

* Each batch is made with premium, full-bodied kernels popped in sugar and topped with salt.

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Review “Perfect Pair – Kettlecorn

  1. Megan Quigley

    I first had this Best Darn Kettlecorn at a local fair and I was hooked from the start. Now, whenever I crave the best darn kettlecorn there is I make sure to order the perfect pair. By far the best!

  2. Jenine

    By far this is the best kettle corn out on the market. I love this original kettle corn and I love getting it while it is still warm. The name fits the product “BEST darn kettle corn”

  3. Denise Poploskie

    This is absolutely delicious!!! My boyfriend and I love this!! We get 4 bags every time we go somewhere that has it.Best Darn KettleCorn is the only way to go!!! Amazing

    1. Cathi

      Hello, This morning I got this idea for my wedding guest later in the evening to have a snack. I want good quality popcorn but on a bit of a budget. Is there anyway to buy this online I’m in Kingsville Missouri
      Thank you for your reply, Cathi Burton mother of the bride

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