Gourmet Popcorn & Craft Beer

gourmet popcorn at broken gobletIf you are here reading this, it would appear that you have a thing for popcorn. Well, if you also have a taste for great local craft beer, our friends over at Broken Goblet Brewing proudly serve a variety of our Best Darn Kettlecorn flavors at the brewery.

Skeptics at first, the owners at the brewery finally gave in an began carrying some sweet flavors like our Philly Mix (Caramel Corn and Golden Cheddar Cheese) and our White Chocolate Cookie Crunch popcorn. They were a huge seller, as we expected!

From sweet Peanut Butter Cookie to spicy Jalapeno Cheddar that will test your taste
buds, Best Darn Kettlecorn has a new flavor for everyone who’s become bored with the
traditional butter and salt flavors sold in grocery stores.

Best Darn Kettlecorn has become well-known for providing their customers with a range of
unique flavors to try along with the classics that they crave, and we’re proud to continue to expand our line of flavored kettlecorn and seasonal specials throughout the year.

Anyone who is searching for an interesting way to start the year is encouraged to visit Best Darn Kettlecorn online to pick up a tin of a new kettlecorn flavor. With a massive selection of both sweet and savory options (along with different flavors that adventurous eaters are sure to love), Best Darn Kettlecorn is the internet’s favorite place to purchase fun kettlecorn flavors for the New Year.

Now is the perfect time for shoppers to start the New Year with a bang by picking up a new flavor or a classic favorite such as cheese popcorn from Best Darn Kettlecorn.