Best Darn Kettlecorn: Now Proudly Serving over 50 Flavors

Since 2004, Best Darn Kettlecorn, a leading supplier of gourmet popcorn, has been offering up 50-plus flavors of delicious kettlecorn to shoppers in the New Jersey, Delaware, New York and Pennsylvania area. Located in the heart of Bristol, PA, Best Darn Kettlecorn serves people from all over the area.

Although we at Best Darn Kettlecorn are proud of our wide array of many different flavors, we didn’t always have dozens of unique flavors. Back in 2004, our classic gourmet flavors helped make Best Darn Kettlecorn as popular as it is today. As demand grew for our delicious kettlecorn, the company decided to roll the dice on creating new flavors. Over 14 years later, Best Darn Kettlecorn now offers an impressive 50 flavors of our delicious kettlecorn.

Flavors like birthday cake, buffalo blue cheese, buffalo golden cheddar, cajun, butter, caramel apple, s’mores, cheesy taco, chocolate banana crumb and chocolate covered pretzel are just some of the unique flavors that have been a staple item for Best Darn Kettlecorn.

Seasonal favorites are also a big hit with customers. Best Darn Kettlecorn offers sample trays so customers can try more than one new flavor at a team to discover their new favorite.

For more information on Best Darn Kettlecorn or to shop our caramel corn and dozens of other flavors, interested parties can head over to their website at

About Best Darn Kettlecorn
A family owned-and-operated business popping some of the world’s best gourmet popcorn since 2004, Best Darn Kettlecorn of Bristol, PA, remains a local favorite even as they have expanded their business to cater to clients nationwide. With dozens of unique flavors, everyone will find something they’ll love with Best Darn Kettlecorn. They also specialize in gourmet sampler trays and Game Day sampler trays, both perfect for any occasion.