Why Popcorn is the Perfect Holiday Gift

As the holidays approach, gift shopping is probably on everyone’s mind. Whether you’re someone who prepares weeks in advance or believes you get your best ideas when there are only a few days to go, it’s worth considering kettle corn as a holiday gift this season. Whether the people on your list are avid popcorn fans or opt for it only while watching a movie, there are plenty of reasons why popcorn makes a perfect holiday gift.

Here’s why you should consider kettle corn this holiday season:

It’s Versatile

One of the best things about popcorn is that it provides a basis for creating so many different recipes. It’s easy to keep the recipe simple with a little bit of cheese, chocolate, or caramel, but there is a wide range of flavors available. Some recipes include cinnamon, cayenne pepper, nutmeg, and more in their ingredients list, which can cater to every possible flavor profile.

Whether the person on your gift list has a preference for sweet or savory, there’s always a popcorn gift set or recipe that can make their holiday a little brighter.

It’s Healthier

At a baseline, popcorn is high in fiber and protein, while staying relatively low on calories. This combination makes it a great option if you’re looking to manage your weight. However, the holidays are when sweets flow abundantly out of the kitchen, which often means trouble for the waistline.

Kettle corn should not be mistaken as a “health food,” especially because holiday recipes often use lots of sugar and other ingredients that probably don’t fit perfectly into a weight-loss plan. However, it’s a healthier alternative to the candy, cakes, and cookies that typically fill the holiday counters.

It’s Packaged for the Holidays

Popcorn has always had some role to play in the holidays in some form, and in recent years, it’s been dressed up in festive tins and other packaging to make it even easier to give at the office holiday party. Instead of spending hours wrapping gifts, why not send a tin or basket filled with your loved one’s favorite popcorn?

To find out more about why popcorn makes the perfect holiday gift, or if you are looking to purchase cheese popcorn gift sets for the popcorn lover in your life, contact the Best Darn Kettlecorn team today!