The History of Kettlecorn

Where did kettlecorn originate? It’s a valid question, with answers shrouded in mystery. Here at Best Darn Kettlecorn, we provide the best popcorn flavors online, so that your next delicious sweet and salty fix is just a click away.

Before we explore the various theories about where kettlecorn came from, let’s define kettlecorn:

What is Kettlecorn?

Kettlecorn is sweet and salty popcorn, which is popularly sold at flea markets, fairs, and festivals. However, we honestly believe the kettlecorn that we produce is the fluffiest, puffiest, best-tasting popcorn available.

But Where Did Kettlecorn Originate?

In the 17th century, European immigrants traveled to American with kettlecorn. The first historical reference of this popular product can be found amongst the diaries of Dutch Pennsylvania settlers. At the time, kettlecorn was produced both in Dutch ovens and cast iron kettles. 

Even back then, it was a popular treat at fairs and other festive occasions. However, the Dutch used honey, rather than sugar, to sweeten the corn 

Like most historical accounts of food, kettlecorn’s exact origin cannot be pinpointed to a definite place or people. Some people say that it dates from 18th-century farmers, who would cook their corn in the cast iron pots they used for rendering lard. They would place the corn over an open fire, where it could cook in the pork fat. If they wanted to sweeten their recipe, they would add sugar, honey, or molasses.

There are also historical references to cowboys in the Wild West creating kettlecorn using molasses and honey. Throughout the early-to-mid 19th century, kettlecorn was incredibly popular across the United States. 

Other references lay claim that kettlecorn sought its origins in Germany, arriving in the United States via German immigrants. In any case, you’ll almost always see kettlecorn as a feature of Civil War reenactments, which indicates that the snack was popular in the mid-1800s.

Today, kettlecorn can be purchased in various places, including grocery stores, concession stands in theatres, and at the movies. We’re sure you’ll agree, the microwave versions of this treat don’t taste as good as when it’s made fresh from scratch.

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