13 Flavor Combo! 3 Sampler Trays Pack

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Save Nearly 30% When You Choose Any 3 Gourmet Popcorn Sampler Trays and Enjoy 13 of Our Gourmet Flavors With This Combo Pack


Each Tray Choice Includes Our Original Kettlecorn and the Additional Flavors Identified Below:


Traditional Gourmet Sampler😕White Cheddar,?Golden Cheddar,?Cinnamon,?Caramel?Corn?

Savory Gourmet Sampler: ?Cheesy Taco,?Yaahoo BBQ,?Cheddar Ranch,?Salt & Vinegar

Chocolate Gourmet Sampler😕White Chocolate Cookie Crunch,?White Chocolate Drizzle,?Chocolate Covered Cherry,?Dark Chocolate Drizzle

Game Day?Gourmet Sampler: Honey Mustard, Sour Cream & Onion, Pizza, Garlic Parmesan

Hot & Spicy?Gourmet Sampler: Hot Jalapeno, Buffalo Golden Cheddar, Spicy Nacho, Buffalo Blue Cheese

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  1. rhonda hagy miller

    Dont set this out late at the party..no one will go home! They will stay til the last kernel is eaten! Better yet..dont put it out at all..theres always the late late show and you need popcorn!!

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