Popcorn and Beer – A Match Made in Heaven!

Whether you are celebrating a night in or getting ready for Super Bowl Sunday with some friends, there are two things that you need – snacks and beer! The following local breweries are carrying gourmet bags of Best Darn Kettlecorn’s different flavors, so be sure to pick some up next time you visit! 

We have a few different varieties to choose from, all of which pair best with different styles of beer.

Sweet Flavors

If you are looking to buy caramel corn, perhaps with a chocolate drizzle, why not get something similar to match it with? If you’re picking up a gourmet bag of our sweeter varieties, we recommend having a stout as a complimentary beer that fits this palette. Some intriguing options include “That’s Your Big Boy” from Second Sin Brewing, as well as “Right in the Feels” from Odd Logic Brewing and Chocolate Coffee Breakfast Stout from Newtown Brewing Company – a little chocolate to go with your chocolate!

Similar to stouts are porters, another dark and rich flavor profile that fits well with a delicious bowl of popcorn that tastes like a dessert! The “Mexual Chocolate” from Naked Brewing Company is one of our porters of choice when enjoying a bowl of chocolate popcorn.

Savory Flavors

Perhaps you are in the mood for something a little more palatable, such as cheese popcorn with bacon or buffalo seasoning. Ales and lagers make a ton of sense as a pairing combination here, as both can provide a taste that comforts and fills you. 

IPAs are also a great pair with savory popcorn flavors! While IPAs aren’t for everyone, those who enjoy them will REALLY enjoy them, especially with a bag of popcorn on hand to munch on! We recommend both Odd Logic’s “Invisible Friends” and Broken Goblet’s “No One Likes Us, We Don’t Care” brew, which was made with a little help from Eagles All-Pro Jason Kelce! It’s a great way to enjoy your kettlecorn, wash it down with a great beer, and show your love for the Birds!

No matter which beer you choose, be sure to grab a gourmet bag of Best Darn Kettlecorn on your next visit to your local brewery. For more details about which flavors will be available at which breweries, or to find out more about gift options, gourmet tubs, or other options we have to buy popcorn, contact us today!